Boutique Charm

Limited space doesn’t mean limited functionality – this cosy little kitchen took full advantage of the floorplan, providing ample storage space and modern features, and even bar-bench seating. What more could you ask for?

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Brisbane Kitchens-Boutique Charm


I was looking at options for a kitchen that I could buy and then have installed by a builder. Realising this process would be time consuming (and acknowledging the potential pitfalls of buying a kitchen that was inappropriate), I reconsidered and looked for a kitchen designer. I chose Brisbane Kitchens as they were owned and run from Brisbane. My ideas for the new kitchen were unclear in my mind and within 30 minutes, Michael had asked me enough questions to show me a design that I absolutely loved, but could not have explained before the meeting. From there, Michael organised for the final design, colour selection, cabinet construction and delivery. My kitchen looks great and I have been so satisfied with the personable and helpful service I have received from both Michael and his wife Deb (who runs the administrative side of the business). Regardless of question daftness, Michael has always been happy to respond to clarify anything in relation to the kitchen. Knowing what I do now about the logistics of kitchen choice and design, I am absolutely over the moon that I did not choose to go through the process alone. I would not hesitate to use Brisbane Kitchens again. Thanks Michael and Deb.

Brisbane Kitchens-Boutique Charm